Top Reasons to Buy Vivo V5


Vivo smartphones are a “stand out” from the crowd of extensively growing smartphone market manufacturers. “Vivo” always one of the few mid-range budget smartphones with promising quality and optimal performance levels.  Recently Vivo came up with its latest flagship phone V5 into one of the competing mid-range smartphone markets. With V5, Vivo has surely made its unique mark in the rapidly growing selfie smartphone revolution. For the first time ever, Vivo came up with Front camera of 20 MP along with a revolutionary “Moonlight Glow” that gives the users the exceptional advantage of taking selfies all the time irrespective of the light conditions.

These are top reasons to buy Vivo V5 phone that could anser the question” Should I buy Vivo V5 ?” :

Perfect Selfie with Moonlight Glow

With front 20MP camera and rear 13 MP camera, Vivo V5 gives a perfect selfie experience with refined picture quality closer to the colors perceived by the naked eye. “Moonlight” feature is even more exciting to give flawless selfie camera experience for the user and is one of the biggest reason to buy Vivo V5.

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Sleek, Smart, and Fast

V5 runs with its custom Funtouch OS 2.6 version that runs based on Marshmallow 6.0 that is assisted by huge 4 Gb of RAM with the 32GB ROM with expandable memory up to 128Gb with 64-bit smooth processor enabling butter smooth operations. With its yet another unique feature of ‘Eye protection mode,’ that protects eyes from the blue light during gaming and watching movies.

The uber speed 4G LTE network makes you communicate to your world with ultimate speed. The 13.97Cm ( 5.5 inches) 1280 x 720 HD display with 2.5D corning gorilla glass gives it a rich look with toughness for the phone.

Detail of the beats with Built-in Hi-Fi Audio chip simply amazes

The built Hi-Fi audio chip comes as another unique feature with V5 as it gives a non-stop and uncompromised music quality with it. Having an 115dB of the signal to noise ratio high-quality music is a definite promise.


Fingerprint sensor as fast as a lightning

If you are to buy Vivo V5, a fast fingerprint sensor is another reason. The phone unlocks within 0.2 seconds. The lighting speed fingerprint sensor gives a smart touch with the advanced speed in operating it.

Speeded up multitasking with smart split screen

As multi-tasking the main motto of all the modern smart phones, V5 gives that edge for the users to have a “Smart Split screen” feature that allows the user to reply to messages or do another task while watching videos.

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Long lasting battery for Long Lasting Experience

All the battery woes are addressed with the large 3000Mah battery that powers the phone and easily can last for many hours and even save battery for rest of the day and make you remain powerful with its powerful battery.

You can buy Vivo V5 from 26th November your nearby stores from 26th November and all the powerful and attractive features are priced at attractive Rs. 17,980 also you can buy Vivo V5 on Amazon or Flipkart as well.



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