Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack has been equally discussed as the iPhone 7 launch itself. Although Apple is not the first brand to do so LeEco and Motorola had already taken the bold step. Another reason of the discusion is the design of AirPods wireless headphones by Apple.

Yes, we agree those were Android smartphone and this IS Apple, hence not comparing either. But whatever the brand it is the problem remains the same “How to listen to musing while charging the iPhone7 ?”  Either purchase another bulky adapter to connect both your headphone and lightning cable to charge you phone. The solution seems simple but isn’t effective as it adds one more gadget to carry, apart from the Phone, headphone and obviously an emergency power bank.

You can save yourselves by opting for a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones that can give you a tangle-free wireless connection and are compatible with most smartphones these days and mobile devices including our iPad or any Android tablet, so you never have to worry about their compatibility with the latest models or operating systems.

Bluetooth headphones come various shapes and sizes from compact in-ear headphones for sports and exercise to large on-ear and over-ear headphones and come with inbuilt battery to power them as well.

So, Heres a buying guide we’ve rounded up the best wireless headphones for you in 2016

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