The people living in the conventional home and modern home can implement the best smart home solutions to make life simple with additional security and save energy.

Do you know how?

There are many advanced smart home devices available in online stores.

They are available as a smart home control system, home-kit home automation, and home automation products.


It is advisable to read home automation systems review online before you buy highest rated home automation devices or the best buy home security systems.

The below mentioned are top 5 Home Automation devices to make your home smart home.


Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is one of the best smart home control systems by just voice recognition from Alexa. This is a great device for your home to play music, listen to daily or the latest news, you can set the alarm and to control other Wi-Fi-enabled devices in your home to make your home a smart home. It recognizes your voice, even when they are playing music.

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Google Home

The Google Home is one of the smart home technology systems powered by Google to make your home smart home. This is a Wi-Fi speaker, which can recognize your voice and play music. It can also be used to link with Wi-Fi enabled devices to on and off lights, control HVAC products and provide information on traffic, answer your questions by searching Google and set the alarm.

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Philips_hue_Smart lighting

Smart Lighting

The Smart Lighting is one of the best home lights control systems for saving energy and control the intensity of light, as you desired in your home. You can move one of your home lights remotely within your home and when you are coming to your home from outside by Wi-Fi mode. They can set your mood accordingly with the control of the brightness of your light in your home. You can show there is the presence of people in your home by just switching on your home lights remotely when you are out.

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Smart Thermostat

The Smart Thermostats are the best way to save energy on your home HVAC system. They smartly control your home cooling or heating system with auto temperature. You can also make the running of a cooling device before you come home. They do save you a lot of energy due to smart functioning. You can control your home heating device too by connecting it with smart thermostat device.

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Smart Access and Locks

Smart Access and Locks

The Smart Access and Locks top among the top 5 Home Automation devices to make your home smart home. The homeowner can have a piece of mind when he or she has implemented smart access and locks in their homes. You can access them with your smartphone and do connect them with your surveillance camera if you have installed them in your home. You can get alerts when someone is ringing your calling bell when you are not there in your home. You can watch the video and give cases permission with your smartphone enabling them to be entering to your home.

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