Andhra Pradesh government launches affordable broadband service

Andhra Padesh government has launched AP FiberNet in Vishakhapattnam providing affordable broadband connectivity to its residents. The service is stated to initially cover Vishakapattnam, Vizinargaram and SriKakulam by April, while by end if July its deemed to cover entire Andhra Pradesh.

AP FiberNet will offer 15 Mbps connection at Rs 149 per month i.e. approx $3 a month and 100 Mbps at Rs 999 i.e. $15 a month for offices first stage of its about Rs 5,000-crore optical fibre project. With this speed a user can download video file equivalent to a standard movie in about 6 minutes. Andhra Government has tied up with Networking company CISCO for this project. Private telecom operators are at present providing broadband connection with similar speeds for about Rs 1,100 per month in the state.

Cisco, in addition to this will also invest in Internet Of Everything (IOE) innovation center in Visakhpattnam. The aim of this innovation center is to provide support to solution providers and startups to build solutions around Internet of Everything (IOE). Along with this Cisco will also invest in Advanced Technology COE and Research center located at the Institute of Digital Technology in Andhra Pradesh.

As per Andhra CM N. Chandra Babu Naidu, who launched AP FiberNet, said, Government plans to offer affordable internet and connect all households to internet under the Digital India Campaign. This definitely can be considered a big step taken in right direction as the situation of broadband in other states is not really very impressive. The average speed offered is way less then 2 Mbps with loads of riders like FUP etc limiting the broadband accessibility across the nation. This, along with very limited number of service providers is a hindrance is making India a Digital Hub. Our recent article on comparison of few broadband service providers can be found here.

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