Off late we’ve been hearing how we will live in smart homes and Internet Of Things are going to change the way we do our day to day work. With the advancement in technology, we will have things that will do stuff needed by us on their own.

Air IOT deviceBut, exactly what is Internet of Things and are there any such Internet of Things projects viable in India? Well, let me explain you by giving one such example. What do you do when you realize that you forgot to turn off the Microwave oven in kitchen or forgot to turn of the geyser in bathroom. No one is at home to take care of this emergency and you cant go go back all the way from office just to turn off a few switches. Just imagine, how cool it would be if you can control these appliances with help of a mobile app. All you need to do is open the app, and check which all devices re still on and just turn them off. Pretty simple isn’t it and that’s Internet of Things for you.

In India, Leaf Technologies, a startup from Mumbai working on IOT devices, is all set to disrupt the market with their product Air. This device carefully understands and learns the patterns of your usage of electrical equipment in your home and manages the same efficiently.

How IOT device Works

So what does Air do

Air, in simple words, lets you control your home appliances using your smart phone. It connects with smart home devices, knows who is home and sets the preferences accordingly, lets you keep an eye on your house remotely, gives you analytics about most power consuming appliances in your Air app which includes their share in the bill, operating hours and carbon footprint. Its switchboard modules also act as a fuse keeping your appliances safe even under a voltage spike.

One of the best feature in Air is that once an appliance is locked, it cannot be controlled physically till unlocked. So you can restrict children from high-voltage appliances like Geysers, microwave or could just stop them from watching TV all day.

Is my Data Secure

Air stores your data on the safest and trusted Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128 Encryption to encrypt the whole communication protocol.  This feature also allows you to control the device from anywhere. In case you decide not to use the online feature, user data will be saved locally, within the device.Air,Internet of things device in Action

Why is it a better choice

The key differentiator as per Leaf Technologies, the maker of Air, is the ease of using the smart home device. While installing Air, you do not need rewiring of your home or a room fully dedicated to the servers, unlike some of its competitors. Apart from the sleek and good device with amazing features, you get free installation services to wherever you relocate (in India) within first two years.

Where Can I buy

While the first batch of the product is already sold out and the company currently has a wait list open for the next batch The product is priced at Rs. 24,600 can can be booked here.

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