As per the latest reports, Google has dumped Project Ara. This news comes in after the news of Nexus series being dumped. Project Ara was the modular device almost entire world was waiting for. It was about giving freedom  to user to build a phone with interchangeable modules for various components like cameras and batteries as per his/her requirements.

This news came as a surprise as very recently in the month of May 2016 Google had introduced a host of partners for Project Ara at its developer conference and stated that it would ship a developer edition of the product this autumn.

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Although as per reports, Google may not build the phone itself, it may license the technology to partners to bring Project Ara to market.It seems Google is in a process to unify its hardware efforts, which range from Chromebook laptops to Nexus phones.

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Modular smartphones generated a lot of enthusiasm in the industry as well as the users likewise because this would’ve helped the users to finally have a device that only had the features that they wanted. Also, this technology would’ve meant that the total lifespan of a device would increase multi folds.

However, Google did realize a lot of practical issues while developing the devices. The was realized that production of interchangeable parts was turning out to be costly and would also make the devices bulky. Although a couple of Device Manufacturers like LG ( LG G5) and Motorola (MOTO  Z) did try their hands on Modular devices. However, these were only partially modular devices.

Inputs : Reuters

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