A 7 inch Google Tablet by Huawei Coming Soon

Google is planning to release a host of new devices, including 2 new Phones , apart from a 4K Chromecast as well.  A successor to the Nexus 7 Google Tablet is also said to be in works and Google will also announce this new 7-inch Android tablet very soon.

Going as per the speculation Huawei 7P is going to be the successor of the Nexus S7 and in all probability, it will be named as Google Pixel Tablet.

In terms of specifications all we know at the moment is that this tablet will have 4GB RAM and would be released by the end of the year.

Not much information at the moment is available, however, tablet market needs a revival right now and has not seen much innovation off late. This news seems to be coming at the perfect time.

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Nexus 7 was a perfect tablet with brilliant build quality, a decent-looking and budget friendly device. Hoping that Google along with Huawei can recreate the success by making a killer device. What is your expectation with the upcoming Tablet from Google? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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