Google went big with its flagship device The Google Pixel. As we all know that Google had dumped the Nexus series and the Project Ara modular smartphone, Pixel automatically became THE device to look out for globally.

There is no doubt that Pixel phones look way premium that the Nexus devices and easily boast top-notch hardware available as of the date in the market.

Pixel is unlike any other flagship available in the market. While making a decision to buy the phone, the first and most important question that one needs to have an answer is “Do I want an Android phone or an iPhone ?” You need to be sure of what you want.

For a few users, Google Pixel would make sense because they do not want an iPhone but still want a premium flagship device. For the rest, we have five reasons you may want to pick up one of Google’s new flagship smartphones.

Like Apple, Google did not release two drastically different devices. It launched two separate devices with same hardware specs but slightly different screen sizes, giving users an opportunity to buy a device with the display size of their choice.

So, Here are five reasons to buy Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL



For the people who always thought that the camera on iPhone is the best. Google Pixel has been rated 89 on DxOMark, highest ever for any smartphone camera. Google very much nailed it where the previous Nexus struggled.

Although the cameras on iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have had a great camera, Google Pixel, however,  raised the bar high and beyond. Due to the software processing that the Pixel phones do, the pictures do have that “something extra” that smartphone users love. With the HDR+ turned on by default, the phone clicks amazing pictures with excellent color reproduction and no shutter lag at all.


Unlimited Photo Storage

When you’re able to click best images on a smartphone, obviously you need to store them properly. While Pixel phone do not support an external memory card, it is always comforting to know that Google Photos provides unlimited backups of full-size images and Videos.

4K videos do eat up a lot of space hence you are always pondering methods to free up space now and then. You would not have to do that with Pixel.  It even backup movies downloaded from Google Play Store.

Google pixel software


If you’re and android fan then the choice is very simple and obvious. You will get the best Android experience than Google’s current Nougat build on Google Pixel phones. While brands like Samsung, LG or HTC add a lot of features but these added features make their custom UI skin heavier and it also hampers the performance of the phone.

Pixel does have its fair share of features like Google Assistant, Night Light, a motion gesture on the fingerprint reader, access to the Pixel Launcher, and more. You still get the purest form of Android with these advanced features and some pixel-only software.

Another important reason is the regular updates that the Google Pixel users will enjoy a.l.a. Nexus. it will receive monthly security patches and quarterly system updates. Google Pixel phones will be the first in line to receive latest Android updates.


Headphone Jack

If you were one of those who waited for iPhone 7 launch and got disappointed because of the headphone jack or lack of it then you might want to consider Pixel phones.

Google Pixel still has the analog 3.5mm audio jack and you can use your favorite headphone or earphone without any adapter or connector. In case you want a wireless headphone, Bluetooth connectivity is anyways present.

Quad HD Display

The display on Pixel phone is simply amazing. Pixel comes with a 1080p while the Pixel XL sports a Quad HD AMOLED display. It’s crisp and bright with good viewing angles in outdoors too. Compared to the 720p and 1080p display on the 7 and 7 Plus from Apple, the Google Pixel has a better display. Also, with the Daydream VR coming soon, the Quad HD display is a very important aspect.

Summing up

Google Pixel is a very well designed smartphone with a glass back which you may want to protect with some awesome covers. The phone does have its own shortcomings which just stopped us calling it the best smartphone of 2016. Few important features that are not present in Pixel are lack of wireless charging, expandable storage, and missing stereo speakers.



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